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Date: 15.12.2018
From: Beth

Subject: Thumb arthritis

I'm new to the forum and would really appreciate some help or advice. I developed thumb (Basal joint and wrist) arthritis which advanced quite quickly so I have deformed basal thumb joints and loss of strength. The worst thing is the pain and because of stomach problems I cannot take certain pain meds (paracetamol is OK in small doses) and cannot take anti-inflammatories. I have read that sometimes the pain just stops for some people even though the joint is damaged and I'm hoping that that is true as the pain is keeping me awake at night already.

Than you.
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Date: 15.12.2018
From: Rosie

Subject: Re: Thumb arthritis

I also have this and the only thing that really helps is to use a wrist splint that covers your wrist and thumb. I got one from the doctor and it is light and easy to use. I found when I bought one from the chemist it was to heavy. Make sure if you do obtain one to get for the left or right. I have had arthritis for years and I know the pain. I do not need to use all the time but use it at night and when at rest during the day. Good luck.
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