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Date: 06.10.2018
From: Ray Hawthorne

Subject: cervical spondyliyus

I have been diagnosed with arthritis of the neck and advised I will have good days and bad days. I am 69 years old and have played sport all my life, particularly badminton and tennis. In 2003 I had heart surgery and a new valve and have been on warfarin ever since, my doctor and physio have both said no cure and nothing will work on the arthritis except neck exercises which I do daily. Are there any products that you can get to relieve the pain without causing a problem with the warfarin and the INR count. Every morning my neck feels like it is bedded in concrete.
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Date: 09.10.2018
From: lucy

Subject: Re: cervical spondyliyus

Hi Ray, I often find gentle massage can help my neck pain, I feel my neck pain comes from my shoulders and the top of my spine and then travels to my neck so massaging the shoulders seems to help or perhaps a heat pad might ease it. I also use voltarol cream but you would have to ask the pharmacy if you could use it with the warfarin.
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