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Date: 13.09.2018
From: Tonie Robinson

Subject: Hi!

Hi! I'm Mrs B and I'm a 29 yr old mother of 2 !

I've been suffering with comstant tingling in my hands and le gs and whole body pain, which my GP (2 in fact! ) Seem to believe it is rheumatoid arthritis, but I'm not convinced!! I've had several blood tests and all markers have come.back negative, yet I've still been palmed off to rheumatology at the local hospital, to be seen in 6 months time 😤😤

My mother has arthritis in her ankle and shoulder, but what I am feeling, I believe to be more nerve related ... Yet I'm being ignored. It's not one specific area I'm suffering with, it's my whole body, primarily my arms legs and lower back... I was slapped on naproxen after having all OTC meds which doesn't help much either...

Am I going mad ?? It's affecting home and work!

Mrs B x
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Date: 13.09.2018
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Hi!

Hi Tonie,

It can be very frustrating when we don't know what's going on in our body and worrying too.

Doctors don't always know whats causing the problem so that's why they refer you to a specialist and it's good that they are as the hospital will have a better idea with what's going on.

Blood tests for RA don't always show the rheumatoid factor and when it doesn't show it then it usually means it's a milder form of it or it could be something else, but I think it's a good idea to be seen by people that will have a better idea with what's causing your symptoms.

Good luck x
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