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Date: 03.03.2018
From: Jess Higgott


Hi I am Product Design student studying at Nottingham Trent university, I have been conducting a wide amount of research and My findings have suggested that women who have arthritis or spinal problems have had to adapt the way that they apply beauty products and find it difficult. My current hope is to analyse if this data is correct and hopefully with further insight and personal stories I will be able to design a product or solution which will make beauty application easier. If anyone would be willing to help me with my research it will be greatly appreciated I would just need to interview you via email and ask you a few very brief questions.

Thank you all in advance.

my email is

Jess Higgott

Please note that all data collected will be stored on a private laptop under a passcode encrypted folder and the folder is only accessible to the Researcher.
The data will not be shared with other organisations and parties apart from the publication will be reviewed by the Nottingham Trent University - School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment Product Design lecturers.
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