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Date: 26.11.2016
From: Martin

Subject: CMC Joint Osteoarthritis - Help please

I was diagnosed some years ago, (following an injury at work (even longer ago)) with CMC Joint Osteoarthritis, De Quervaines tendonitis and Carpe Tunnel in my left hand. After years of pain since being medically retired from my employment I paid to see a highly-recommended consultant privately, he asked which of the three I thought were the worse (how was I to know) and I paid for X-ray's which followed a CT Scan. I was advised that of three possible options. 1. Tendon reconstruction, 2. Joint replacement and 3. Fusion. He told me following the Scan that fusion was the only option due to the severity of my joint being subluxed. The first operation failed and the second was successful and this followed another operation to remove my plate as this was causing pain. The consultant informed me that on taking out the plate there was some infection, however since he says the joint has fused well and the occupational therapist has said there is no more they can do. However, the pain is awful I can't grip and the function isn't great. I am not sure if anyone out there has had a similar story but I am due back at the GP on Friday because I really donāt want to be taking pain killers anymore, the operation was supposed to resolve my pain, that was the whole point of having three operations over the last 2 years and wearing plasters and splints.

Any advice would be really appreciated.
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