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Date: 21.11.2016
From: Chris Langford

Subject: Having a cold with osteoarthritis

Am I being a hypochondriac...or can having a cold affect osteoarthritis ?
I feel as if I have a cold coming & my arthritis is really playing up today. Usually it's not too bad, I take Ibuprofen & unless it flares up, that takes the edge off.
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Date: 26.11.2016
From: margaret

Subject: Re: Having a cold with osteoarthritis

Hi Chris
Definately,I always know when I'm getting a cold even joints that never hurt ache for about a week before. I also get the most awfull fatigue.So you are not alone.
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Date: 27.11.2016
From: Anne

Subject: Re: Having a cold with osteoarthritis

I have rheumatoid arthritis and when i get a cold or virus my joints actually feel better and I have put that down to my immune system fighting off the cold and giving the joints a rest.
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