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Date: 13.11.2016
From: lol

Subject: arthritis in my shoulder and arm

Hi It's Lol ive not been on for awhile as always turn to you all when feeling bad. I have started with my arthritis in my arm and shoulder feels like a broken arm went to rhummy nurse and she gave me a steroid injection on wed and upped my steroids to 5mg I have been cutting down 2.5 twice a week and then this happened would cutting down cause a flare up. I am also on hydrocortoisne for hypoadrenlism insuffency and they don't want me on two lots of steroids the pain has eased with the injection but not gone. does anyone know if I will be able to come of my prensilone or will this happen everytime I go to low. sorry about my spelling hope you know what I am on about I am also on methotrexate 17.5 a week and loads of other tablets can anyone help thanks lol x
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