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Date: 26.10.2016
From: Bekki

Subject: Feet swelling during the night

Lately my feet have been swelling terribly through the night, so much it's extremely painful to walk in the mornings. I'm currently on naproxen and using voltorol but it's not helping that much anymore.
If anyone could recommend anything that I could use to help during the night would be great (I was thinking would flight socks or something similar might help?) thank you in advance
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Date: 27.10.2016
From: lois

Subject: Re: Feet swelling during the night

Hi Bekki, just read your post sorry to hear you are suffering with your feet. I would suggest a chat with your GP.
When my feet hurt I use a hot water bottle and a light ankle support at night.
I hope you get some relief soon.
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Date: 29.10.2016
From: Bekki

Subject: Re: Feet swelling during the night

Thank you for the advice I'll try a hot water bottle and see if that helps :)
I was at my gp on Wednesday and they're trying to get me another appointment with the rheumatology docs to get me on some medication again (been off Mtx well over a year after being unwell and falling pregnant) Fingers crossed I get an appointment soon
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