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Date: 20.10.2016
From: raymond moyse

Subject: osteoarthritis

I'm 82 active even with the pain from my knee and hips and left thumb, need replacement knee and hips all marked up ready to go to surgery twice, first time anaesthetist refused, next time it was the surgeon, reason bad heart 50-50 chance of surviving, so has anyone got any suggestions to relieve the pain or at least make life a bit more comfortable, I'd be most great full, Ray
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Date: 20.10.2016
From: lucy

Subject: Re: osteoarthritis

Hi Ray, Do you take fish oil tablets? they can help a bit with the pain. I would also see what the doctor suggests for pain killers if you have problems with your heart as it's always best to check with them.

I often use Voltarol cream on my knee when it's painful and sometimes a support.

I also have hip problems and find swimming the easiest as it puts less stress on the joints.

You could also ask to be referred to a pain clinic. x
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Date: 21.10.2016
From: Karen

Subject: Re: osteoarthritis

Ray, could they not do the surgery with a numb block rather than a general?
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