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Date: 20.10.2016
From: Bryony

Subject: Any teachers out there with an arthritic elbow?

I was in a serious car accident a year ago which resulted in a fractured patella, femur, neck and shattered elbow as well as other injuries. All of this being on my right hand side (my dominant side)

I have had a private medical examination and had the report back today. I have been told that there is 10-15% higher chance of me getting arthritis in my knee but a 100% chance that I will get it in my elbow. They said they will expect this to happen within the next 9 year which will weaken my already weak arm and cause me pain. They have said it will affect my job and employment.

Are there any teachers who have arthritis in their elbow? I am very concerned that when I go back to work I will find the job difficult anyway due to the my arm being painful and weak already and the job requiring ridiculous amounts of marking! I am worried that if this is going to get worse I will have to leave the profession.

My solicitor has told me not to worry for the time being but I can't help but worry because this is my career and will change my whole life! Advice is greatly needed!
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