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Date: 21.07.2015
From: Mandi

Subject: How to interview a caregiver?

Hi, my mother has Arthritis. She is going to start living with me from next month. We are planning to hire a caregiver for her full time from ( ) . She is coming for the interview soon. What kind of questions should I be asking her. What are the things to check before hiring her? Please advise!
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Date: 22.07.2015
From: lucy

Subject: Re: How to interview a caregiver?

Hi Mandi, Thought I would bump up your question to see if anyone has any ideas what you should be looking for. I am presuming the agency you will be hiring her from will have done all the necessary checks on her, references etc. I think it is very important that she is a compassionate type of person and one that you feel that you and your mother can relate to well.
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Date: 22.07.2015
From: lois

Subject: Re: How to interview a caregiver?

Hi Mandi, I would ask how long has she been doing this. How many elderly patients she looked after. Let Mum have a chat with her and see how Mum feels about her. First impressions are usually right. Good luck to you and mum.
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