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Date: 16.07.2015
From: Kara

Subject: Lupus at 26 years old

I was just diagnosed with lupus and I'm 26 years old. I'm looking for advise from anyone especially young adults with this condition. My dr. Was rude and short with me and I didn't get much information. I'm in a lot of pain. Please help!! -Kara
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Date: 16.07.2015
From: Jo

Subject: Re: Lupus at 26 years old

Hi Kara I too had a vile rheumatologist who was rude and dismissive. I went back to my gp and got referred to another hospital. Not only that, I wrote a review about the first rheumy on the NHS choices website. Remember that they are paid to provide you with a service and they are paid very well. Courtesy , kindness and respect should be part and parcel of that service.
I don't have any advice to give regarding Lupus but I am sure someone will chime in soon.
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Date: 16.07.2015
From: Joanne

Subject: Re: Lupus at 26 years old

P.S I see there is another Jo on here, so I will use my full name ,Joanne.
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Date: 16.07.2015
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Lupus at 26 years old

Hi Kara, So sorry to hear that you have Lupus. Your doctor had no right treating you that way, I often wonder why some of them become doctors as they show no compassion.

You could get in touch with the Lupus helpline or arthritis association to get some information.

Have you been to a consultant yet at the hospital? they should have a nurse there than can explain things to you.

Try to keep you spirits up and remember that there are so many new treatments coming out now that should make you feel so much better.

I do hope someone with Lupus will come on and advise. xx
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Date: 17.07.2015
From: lois

Subject: Re: Lupus at 26 years old

Hi Kara, I had the same encounter with my Rhumey Consultant just a week ago. She was so rude I just said nothing but my next appointment will not go that way I am ready for her. I have seen many say the same. They need to remember they could walk in our shoes one day KARMA is the word.

You are young but remember life will be a little different but it will still be great for you. Keep that chin up and I hope you get sorted very soon with your medication.

Please keep chatting I find this forum really helpful and we are all in it together. We may not have an answer but just that little chat helps.

Take care xx
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Date: 19.07.2015
From: cachophrastus

Subject: Re: Lupus at 26 years old

Hi Kara,

There is a good chance that you can put your disease into remission with the Seignalet diet.

From Dr. Seignalet's results tables:
Classification: autoimmune disease (but according to Dr. Seignalet, really xenoimmune)

Lupus erythematosus:
patients treated: 20, complete remissions: 10, 80/90% improvements: 6, 50% improvements: 3, Failures: 1

Cutaneous Lupus
patients treated: 5, complete remission: 1, 50% improvements: 3, failures: 1

You can read more about the diet and the book which tells you how the diet works and how to follow it here:
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