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Date: 11.07.2015
From: Sam

Subject: Inflamatory arthritis

Hello I'm 23 and been told I have inflamatory arthritis all started when I was 8 weeks pregnant (his now 8months) consultant didnt really answer all my questions! How did I get this? What's the cause? Treatment? Will it go away & will I be normal again? Please help😔 thank you x
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Date: 12.07.2015
From: Linda

Subject: Re: Inflamatory arthritis

Hi Sam, was it a rhuematology consutant? If I were you Id have a talk to your GP. Im not sure about getting arthritis while you are pregnant, if its just a hormone thing, but Im sure someone on here will help you.
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Date: 15.07.2015
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Inflamatory arthritis

Hi Sam - here is an excellent medical article about RA and other autoimmune diseases during and after pregnancy - its a bit technical but some of it is clear...

The summary is interesting - it suggests to me that if you did have RA that the genetics in your baby might be different - and hopefully not have the same HLA genes that pre-dispose to RA. :)

This is because if your immune system had to adapt to stop rejection of your baby - then you would normally have seen any RA symptoms reduce during pregnancy.
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