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Date: 25.06.2015
From: Laura Loo

Subject: occupational therapy

hi i have my first appointment at the hospital tommorow with the OT department what will they do ? any comments would be appreciated
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Date: 25.06.2015
From: Eira

Subject: Re: occupational therapy

When I had mine they talked about ways to avoid strain on joints . Eg holding shopping bag on forearm, not shoulder or wrist.They suggested various items to help open jars etc- basically find out what I was having problems/ pain with and make practical suggestions on how to cope. They can give you a wrist splint if that s needed. I found the advice helpful and have changed the way I prepare food, carry pans, carry things in general and I ask for help more readily when I know something is going to put unnecessary strain on a joint. Hope it s useful for you too.
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