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Date: 21.06.2015
From: Sean

Subject: Back to the bacteria - diabetes type 1 and RA

There was the usual fanfare splash in the Daily Express on Friday that BCG TB jabs may 'cure' type 1 diabetes and stop the destruction of the Pancreas.

Following the BCG idea - a few minutes googling found me this....

It seems though TB has been studied a lot for molecular mimicry cross reaction reaction in Diabetes as well as RA which I already knew about.

So what they are saying is that the BCG vaccine is inducing a tolerant immune response to the TB bacteria - and in doing so is changing the auto immune response to self (pancreas cells)

Then I found this - so BCG induces a low inflammatory response to other pathogens -

It would not be too far fetched to suggest a couple of things - just a prediction

1) That a BCG booster might work in other diseases including RA

2) That the original cause in SOME auto-immunity may have been the original childhood BCG given the injection when their immune systems were depressed - for example TNF blockers in RA are suggested to be a no-no for BCG boosting

This study looks at how TB is present in most people - and higher in RA and that anti-TNF often drug treatment reactivates infection - so explains why people with RA don't often get a BCG jab
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