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Date: 20.02.2015
From: Kirst

Subject: Lufulomide and mtx

Well I've been in flare I've the past month or so and been on mtx 20mg injections but its been decided now is the time to try a combination so I'm also on 10mg lufulomide daily. Bit nervous about it as Its the first combination I've been put on.

Anyone else on or been on this combo? And how did u find it.
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Date: 20.02.2015
From: lois

Subject: Re: Lufulomide and mtx

Hi kirst, just popped in to say hi. I am sorry I can't help but this post will bring your post to the top again and maybe someone will pick up on it and help you out with a bit of advice.

Take care x
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Date: 21.02.2015
From: sleek Fox

Subject: Re: Lufulomide and mtx

I can't help either but I think Rhona might have been on combination drugs. She's away at the moment.
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Date: 22.02.2015
From: Rachel

Subject: Re: Lufulomide and mtx

Hi Kirst, I've been on this combination for two years now (plus infliximab infusions). I am on 15mg of Methotrexate and 20mg of Leflunomide. I haven't had any problems with it although I've not seen much improvement (including from the infusions). I would say its very important you have your regular blood tests as it isn't a good combination for your liver but in terms of side effects I've been ok. Also, make sure you are taking folic acid. Good luck x
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