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Date: 16.02.2015
From: Kerrey Cooper

Subject: unfit for your job

Hi guys im kerrey , ive got arthritis in both knees and I work in catering but ive just had a OH assessment and been told im unfit for my job.. just waiting for my work to contact the mo I am feeling very down and iam struggling with my weight ..I cant walk very good ..yes I need my ops but at 47 I know its very young and im very scared to have them because my mums had addouble knee replacement and it failed so shes in a worse state then before ..has any body got any advice to give ?
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Date: 16.02.2015
From: sleek Fox

Subject: Re: unfit for your job

My mum had arthritis in both knees as well but didn't need ops until she was older than you. She struggled with her weight as well as she couldn't exercise. She had successful knee ops but it would have been better for her if she'd lost weight. You could discuss your options with a supportive GP. Just because your Mum's ops didn't work, it doesn't mean yours won't. Also, your gp might be able to help you with weight loss plan as well.

As to work, is it possible they could move you to a job that doesn't involve you standing, or make any adjustments in the work place? I don't know much about disabled working act but someone on here might. In any case, you could contact an advice centre, like CAB, to see what your rights are. You could also look here and see if anything helps you

best of luck.
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