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Date: 01.09.2014
From: Colette Crowe.

Subject: Osteoarthritis.

Hi there, I have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and would like to know how other people deal with this on an everyday basis.
Any tips that may help me, all gratefully received.
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Date: 01.09.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Osteoarthritis.

Hi Colette, I am an OA sufferer and have been for thirty years.
Gentle exercise and swimming are good for us. Resting when your body tells you. Good painkillers are a must. Try to do all the things you want to do albeit a little slower.
Holidays shopping evenings out are all good for us.
A good network of support is also useful. When people ask you how you are if it is a bad day say so and remember to ask for help if you need it.

Oh yes and a hot water bottle for painful joints is great. I would get two cheap on Amazon.
There are ankle hand and elbow supports you can. buy
Hope this helps somewhat anything else I can help with just ask.

Take care x
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