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Date: 27.08.2014
From: lol

Subject: for margaret from lol

thanks for your support it really helped to hear something good about methotrexate went to see rhummy nurse today said my liver test was still very high will keep an eye on it . my other bloods where still the same. esr gone up to 70 crp gone up to 6 but said that was good result . got a steroid injection in my other hand said it was very swollen and will help with the pain said she will see my in 6mths but any problems to phone keeping me on 6 methotrexate a week as my throat has not healed yet had it 5mths been to hospital with it consultant said it was a side effect of the methotrexate thanks again x
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Date: 28.08.2014
From: Mgt

Subject: Re: for margaret from lol

Hope it all works out for you- stick in there. It has helped me so much but realise its not for everybody xx
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