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Date: 26.08.2014
From: Kate

Subject: Cortisone injection

Hi I am due to have a cortisone injection into my hip joint. Can anyone tell me if this has helped and how will I feel afterwards
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Date: 26.08.2014
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Cortisone injection

I've never had one in my hip but have had them in my knee, shoulder and wrist. It's not painful and helps a lot. You have to rest after you have it for a couple of days.
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Date: 27.08.2014
From: Eve

Subject: Re: Cortisone injection

Hi, I've had both hips done and they were fine - it was for bursitis and really helped.

Allow plenty of time, especially in case they need to do it via scan to make sure it gets into the right place. Mine weren't but have been told later ones might need to be.

I had both done at the same time which is apparently unusual, maybe if in discomfort from the first it would be painful to lie on it to do the other one but mine was ok.

I was asked if I had arranged for someone to take me home as I wasn't supposed to walk around much and rest them after and was wheelchaired to the taxi phone. I hadn't realised and didn't want to say I didn't have money on me for a taxi so I went to get the bus which was a short walk and ok and I had my stick (and figured if I went, at least I was in the hospital grounds). It was ok but maybe best to arrange for you to get home easily just in case. I wasn't advised in advance.

I've always found steroid injections fine though have been told I have a high pain threshold, especially when having my shoulders done :) I pointed out it was no pain no gain really though.

I hope it all goes ok and that it gives you the relief you need.
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Date: 14.09.2014
From: frekles

Subject: Re: Cortisone injection

hi have had loads of these in knees, wrists, thumb joints. quick pain but make sure you rest for 24hrs. my specialist nurse always says rest for 24hrs and the outcome will be much better. hope it helps your hip.
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