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Date: 23.08.2014
From: lol

Subject: for colin

thanks colin you have helped me before I am a worrier because I have been on two before methotrexate I am hoping it will work but reading what people say it like its only going to work for a few mth and then the search starts again. I have put all my hopes in it helping me. I have so many other health problems that I am trying to deal with. It is helping with the pain in my hands but its still bad but at the stage I can get through the day and cope. I couldn't before I went on it. I am back at rhummy nurse on tues think she might up my tablets will let you know and thank you you always help me lol
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Date: 24.08.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: for colin

hi lol , let us know how you get on with the consultant , as for other problems you are not alone , most of us with long term illnesses have some sort of mild depression , alot of it is about lack of quality sleep & not being able to go out & total change of lifestyle

as for your arthritis , your CRP is very good but ESR is high , but they dont tell the full story of how we are affected , my last two CRP have been 0.2 & ESR 2 but still need high levels steriods which is causing other problems
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