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Date: 22.08.2014
From: lol

Subject: anything good about methotrexate

Has anyone got anything good they can tell me about methotrexate I have been on it for 4mths am on 15mg a week and folic acid once a week it has helped with the pain a lot but still have pain in my hands and thumb but not as bad feel very tired and cant shake it off my crp has come down to 6 esr is 70 it was as high as 100 in a flare up back at rhummy on tues. I get so frightened when I read so many people having a bad time on it just hoping someone will say it works for them to give me some hope thanks lol
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Date: 22.08.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: anything good about methotrexate

ho lol , why you worried about methotrexate , been on it since 1998 & now on 25mg a week with no side effects , one thing is if you do have some side effects take more folic acid a week

most of us take a second drug like Sulfasalazine & a biologic to go with it so dont worry
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Date: 25.08.2014
From: Mgt

Subject: Re: anything good about methotrexate

Lol please don't feel alone. Ive been on mtx for ages and it has made my life so much better. I no it doesn't work for everybody but it ha been great for me. I take the injections which worked better for me

Please let us no how you get onx
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Date: 26.08.2014
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: anything good about methotrexate

Hi lol,
I have been on methotrexate for 15 yrs have been on the high dose 25 mg weekly for the last 10 yrs.I can honestly say that without it my joint's would have been badly deformed instead they have been well preserved.It does help with the pain but always's found that the consultant might need to increase your dosage. I have had a few side effects but the folic acid helped these.Hope this help's you.
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