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Date: 14.08.2014
From: Olive

Subject: Mobility allowance

Hi, can anyone help me with some answers. My husband has severe arthritis and can only just get about on his Zimmer frame. He Is on d.l.a. He used to have mobility allowance but because we went to live in France he had his mobility allowance stopped. When we returned to this country we were told we could not re apply for this. Does anyone know if this is true as he is in dire need of a mobility scooter to enhance his life.
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Date: 14.08.2014
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Mobility allowance

I think you can ask for a review as a change of circumstances. Have a look at the government website and see what they say. You could ask approach charities as many of them will give the money for a mobility scooter. E.g. if your or he were ever in the army you can apply to the British Legion, but there are loads of others. Your library should have a grants directory which lists them all.
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Date: 15.08.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Mobility allowance

hi Olive , how old is your husband ? over 65 he could get attendance allowance, but go to citizen advice they can help & fill in the forms
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