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Date: 23.07.2014
From: Julie

Subject: Methotrexate and having young children

Hi I was diagnosed with RA about 2 and a half years ago after the birth of my son. I've been on hydroxychloroquine for most of that time and have had a baby girl 3 months ago. My RA got significantly worse after the birth and now that I'm not breastfeeding, I've been prescribed Methotrexate.

Is there anyone else in a similar position? How have you managed on this drug and looking after young children? I'm a little taken back by all the side affects.
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Date: 24.07.2014
From: Tara

Subject: Re: Methotrexate and having young children

HHi Julie
I also have ra and have six kids my youngest is 8 and I have a little boy of 11 with jia
I am on the go all day but there are days when I just can't keep going
On the good days I try and do extra cooking and house work but that does not always happen .
There are days when the house is a mess I can't get into the utility room with all the washing and dinner is only a phone call to the local Chinese
I just try not to sweat it cause I would drive myself mad lol
Some time mtx can cause side effects it did with me but I have a great team looking after myself and my son and my nurse will get me seen if I have any problems
Don't know if that helps at all hun
Hope our feeling better soon
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Date: 25.07.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Methotrexate and having young children

hi Julie

do you know what level they are going to start you on some consultants start around 7.5mg-10mg & others start with 15mg but with high folic acid dose , I have been on this drug since 1998 & now take 25mg/week & six 5mg folic acid , you can get a booklet to keep all your blood results in from your surgery & well worth having it done

hope the drug works well for you & maybe then they can look at one of the newer biologics ay some point
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Date: 04.08.2014
From: kirst

Subject: Re: Methotrexate and having young children

Ive just re started mtx after a couple of years off it and am taking 15mg injection with 5mg folic acid 6 days a week. I took it saterday and had the occasional nausa which comes and goes ( worse when hungry orjust eatten) but passes quick, im a bit tired and headachy but im in flare anyway. Ivegot two boys ages 6 and 4.
Im having to pace myself loads but tomorrow we are going out for thd day.
Last time i was on mtx i had the taablet form which didnt agree with me but i found that if i rested as much as possiblefor a couple of days after tablet day i was able to manage the boys with more energy lol. Hope u are ok
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