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Date: 01.04.2009
From: Jill

Subject: For Suszannah/Hips

Hi there
How are your hips at the mo, know your working hard, my m8 that had her hip done is back at work next week! she is so happy for having that op done, she kept putting it off...Hope your well

If anyone out there needs hip op but putting it off, contact me and i will let u know the Minimal invasive Hip replacement she had done..... her recovery is incredible.

take care all
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Date: 05.04.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: For Suszannah/Hips

hi jill, yes been in work a lot and lying down a lot... hip is ok depending how i move and i forget sometimes and it gives out :( (i think i am better and i am not)

Injection has helped a lot but wish it did a little more.....

glad to hear your friend is doing so well, i would def go for it if i didn't have allergies to medication.... i just cant win either way :(
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