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Date: 30.03.2009
From: Dakota

Subject: Hya are there any children with arthritis here?

Hi, i'm mum to Arran who is 11 and has arthritis in his hip, knee, foot and back. He was only told in Feb this year that he had it and it's been a struggle as you will all know.

He was on Methotrexate and Naproxen, then got 3 days of IV drip containing Methyl Prednisole and now is on Enbrel Injections. He has to go in for joint injections in a couple of weeks as well.

Now he has come down with an infection which may be Glandular Fever but i'm hoping it's only a cold he has. We have been given antibiotics for him and at the moment he is feeling so floored by it all. Poor soul, i feel awful for him.

Do any of you have any children with Arthritis so we can compare notes?

Thanks D
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Date: 31.03.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Hya are there any children with arthritis here?

(((hugs))) for u and Arran, dont know what else to say, its terrible that he is going though this at such a young age, however, Im just so glad they are giving Arran the best meds available, hopefully it is just a cold and he will cope well on the currently on Enbrel and methtrexate, and i do get the odd cold, and they last a little longer than the rest of my family and friends, so fingers crossed your son will feel better soon

best wishes to u all

Love Jill
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Date: 07.04.2009
From: dakota

Subject: Re: Hya are there any children with arthritis here?

Hya, your kind thoughts must have worked, it turns out after a few attempts to have blood taken that it was only a bad cold, he still got antibiotics and it kept anything more sinister at bay thankfully. Thanks goodness for that
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