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Date: 22.04.2014
From: Janet Wilson

Subject: Sero Negative Arthritis Treatment

I was diagnosed in Dec & am being treated with Prednisolone/Methatrexate/Folic acid. Currently I am on 10mg P daily, 20mg M weekly & Folic acid 5 times per week. I have seen no improvement in my condition
but side effects in particular a very painful mouth(dry & blistered)& sharp pains in hands & feet with more swelling.
How long did other people endure M before they saw some improvements & when did others change treatment?
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Date: 22.04.2014
From: Linda Bradley

Subject: Re: Sero Negative Arthritis Treatment

Hi Janet, I have the same. I started my meds last April.(mtx) had to go on injection form in dec.. making me ill, headaches and nausea. Now I'm on Sulfasalazine. Not really found any difference.. it may be just me.
Good luck.
Linda x
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Date: 25.04.2014
From: willis

Subject: Re: Sero Negative Arthritis Treatment

Hi Janet
I was started the same as you but little improvement. they upped the Metxt dosage three times then put me onto injections.
still not any real improvement so they put me on sulf this didn't work so am now on an anti tnf Humira as well as continuing with methtx injections- this has made a big difference to my life but still get the odd steroid injection to help!
all this was over 18 months from tablets same dose as you to the starting Humira.
When is your next appointment? Can you phone your nurse or consultant and ask to see them again if appt isn't for a while - let them know there is no change and your in pain is high etc.

hope you get some help soon
lots of hugs and rest as much as you can
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