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Date: 17.04.2014
From: Alison B

Subject: Newbie

Hi I have only just found this forum. I am 50 years old and have PsA and OA I've tried various medications and am currently on the Golimumab injections but I'm finding that after 10-14 days I'm having flare ups. My rheumy nurse has increased my Methotrexate from 7.5mg a week to 10mg a week in the hope it will prolong the injection but after 2 weeks of the increase I have some pretty nasty ulcers on my tongue and have just been told I now have arthritis in my neck. I have also been told that if the Golimumab stops working there is nothing else for me to try. Needless to say I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself just now. How do you guys cope with all this and does anyone know if there is anything else I can try if I have to stop the Golimumb?
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Date: 18.04.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Newbie

hi Alison , I was on Golimumab & methotrexate for RA earlier this year , I take 25mg MTX & six 5mg folic acid a week , although MTX is well know for causing mouth alcers the higher dose will stop it but found that when on Golimumab it came back & since coming off the drug earlier this year its stoppped

7.5mg MTX & even 10mg is very low & shoud not cause mouth alcers , not sure about coming off the biologic as with RA there is more options but talk to your rheumy nursee/consultant & ask to have folic acid increased to 6 tablets a week
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Date: 19.04.2014
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Newbie

I got mouth ulcers on 7.5mg, even with Folic Acid, Colin.

Alison, I don't have PsA, so know nothing about the options. However, I am in a similar position as I can't take biologics again and am having trouble with the dmards. It is a worry but I am trying not to look too far into the future but make decisions when they come up. Maybe it's a bit of sticking my head in the sand but I find it helps.
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Date: 21.04.2014
From: alison

Subject: Re: Newbie

Thanks to all for the replies. I've had a few hard days and have been feeling very sorry for myself :( I finally gave in to it and had a real good cry and feel much better for it lol. My mouth is getting better but still very sore. I shall call my rheumy nurse in the morning and hope she can help me out.
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Date: 22.04.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Newbie

Hi Alison, sorry you are having a rough time. Having a good old cry is nothing we don't all do from time to time and you are right it sometimes helps to let all the tension go. I hope you got some good advice from the rheumy nurse today and I hope that mouth gets better soon.
Take care and I am sending you a big hug x
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