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Date: 23.03.2009
From: mary

Subject: i could scream......

had a phone call from the clinical assesment unit just checking that all bloods and results were available. turns out that one of the blood tests results was not there and they will not prescribe the treatment without the results of blood test. so have been phoning all over to try and find what has happened to them and have just found out that they were not taken ,so app for new meds has been cancelled for tomorrow and will have to get more blood tests which can take up to 2 weeks for the results....aaaaaaarrrrrgh

sorry but i am just so angry and upset and can hardly see for tears and am at home alone at the moment.

wish i could have a stiff drink :-)

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Date: 23.03.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: i could scream......

awww hun i am so sorry, just goes to show how incompetent these people can be.

Took me nearly 3 years to find out i had a slipped disc and hip arthritis...that says it all :(
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