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Date: 15.03.2014
From: Bonny

Subject: Alternative Medicine

Hi all,

I am new to this site but I love what I see so far! Great to know there is an active community for people like us.

I am 21 with moderate/severe RA in hands, feet, wrists, knees... And the list goes on. I was diagnosed at 15. It's a humid night right now and I'm not feeling great :(

My good news:
I recently started receiving Acupuncture as treatment for my RA. I've tried just about every pharmaceutical and I must say that acupuncture made me feel better than I have in years! I also tried elimination diets. I stopped eating eggs and notice how my joints flare as soon as I eat something containing eggs.

Have any of you tried other forms of alternative medicine / diets that have helped control your condition? I'm very curious and would like to explore more types of treatments.

Thanks! :)
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Date: 19.03.2014
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Alternative Medicine

Hi Bonny

A few people are using diet changes for there arthritis and I am aware that it can help a lot for some people - there a few new posts on this thread.
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