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Date: 04.12.2013
From: helen

Subject: feeling rubbish

Not been on the posts for few days. Feeling rubbish with PSA and newly diagnosed fibromylargia. On no treatment at the moment for arthritis as said before have tried two drugs but horrid side effects. With mtx the crp??has being getting higher. Had been told I could go on the one beginning with L anyway bp to high so gp has to manage it so theyv upped the dose. Iv asked for help at the rheumy clinic took five days to get back to me I'm going on steroid tablets count down spoke to the registra about this fibro thing and that I can recognise the difference between them both. Not sleeping wot with painful joints painful muscle I'm finding it hard to get out and about or even staying awake! Sorry for my moan just don't know wot to do with myself.
Hope all are nearly ready for Christmas I was told its 3wks today and that the day would be nearly over.
Sending hugs to all. Helen. X
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