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Date: 02.12.2013
From: Leah Jefferies

Subject: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

I am a 42 year old woman reasonably healthy, but been getting on/off pain in both hips.

6 weeks ago, while walking it felt like what I can only describe as my hip popping out of its socket, it was very painful to walk on and 6 weeks on both hips still feel sore at times, along with lower back Very stiff after sitting for my office job, (people comment I am limping).

Although movement ok in terms of touching toes, I can no longer sit crossed legged and certain movements feel restricted.

I have had hip X-ray which has revealed little early bilateral rim osteophytosis and minor degenerative change in symphysis pubis (suffered when pregnant and could barely walk).

Saw my gp today and she didn't seem worried, said to just carry on as normal but to 'lighten the load' where I can(I'm not overweight-carrying things)i pushed her to refer me to Physio and further blood tests as my shoulders sometimes click/hurt (mildly). But there will be no need for me to have further check ups and she didn't seem that interested.

Should I be pushing for any treatment or any other investigation at this stage? Or is this a general approach to early evidence of this condition?

I want to check I am doing everything I can to reduce the pain and further damage (my grandmother had osteoarthritis in her hips and was wheelchair bound by age 35).

Any advice appreciated.
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Date: 03.12.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

Hi Leah, I am another OA sufferer and have been for a long time. I was in my thirties and now I am sixty two.
It is hard to say what will happen in the future. People differ with the disease.
Gentle exercise is good and if you do go to physio they should give you exercise to do at home.
The only treatment I receive are Pain killers not much else is prescribe for it. I have had steroid injections from time to time.
I know this may sound awful but when things are bad they will offer surgery. I have had a couple of surgeries and believe me they have helped.
Your grandmother and my dad unfortunately didn't get much help but it has moved on a whole lot.
Try not to worry you will learn what things aggravate the your hips.
Just be positive and carry on as normal It is what we have to do. You will notice some things take you longer and you can't keep up with others but people understand more than you think. Make sure you explain to your friends and family what is happening to you. Don't be afraid to ask for help to do things rather than lifting on your own.I am not sure what else to tell you.
I hope this helps and if you need to know anything else just ask.
By the way if you think things are changing go to your GP and ask for an MRI or CT scan this will show up everything.
Take care and chin up.
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Date: 04.12.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

Hi Leah

Your pains are in the same places that my arthritis started - lower back, shoulder blades, hip pain, limping, shoulder rotator cuff inflamed. My initial diagnosis when I was 19 / 20 was poly non-specific arthritis with signs of rheumatoid and osteo. I'm 47 now.

The word osteoarthritis is linked so heavily with wear and tear but this is a completed misnomer - there are many other causes to osteoarthritis that are generally overlooked by standard medical practice. My arthritis was / is mostly caused by diet.

There are many studies from the last few years ago that put osteoarthritis on the same footing as other "autoimmune" arthritis -

If your interested in self-help / non drug approach then there a few great links below that look at osteoarthritis in a different way -,_Muscles_and_Bones

Underlined by this blog linked to best selling book "wheatbelly" - "By the 6th day, my pain from osteoarthritis diagnosed in my early 40s eased. Ahhh"

The issue with standard treatments can sometimes be a vicious cycle of stronger drugs - studies show that NSAID usage will stop initial inflammation but cause colon and gut permeability. (I have pretty much stopped even taking nurofen - as my back hurt for two days after from morning after a few times)

Hope you don't mind me posting this - Worth a try? There are thousands benefiting from these types of alternative approaches - and it's not just AS, RA that can benefit!
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Date: 04.12.2013
From: PAT

Subject: Re: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

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Date: 04.12.2013
From: Leah

Subject: Re: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

Thanks for all your support and comments, you have really helped me put things into perspective. I will definitely look into the links too as I don't agree with relying on drugs prescribed.

I have had blood tests, getting results next week 😖
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Date: 04.12.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Advice? New to OA just had GP appointment and worried

hi Leah , you need those blood test results , dont expect it will show anything for RF but its the inflammatory markers CRP & ESR (C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) that you need & if they are up you will need meds to help stop more damage being done to your joints
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