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Date: 26.11.2013
From: Sean

Subject: So happy to have helped someone on another forum😊

I must share with you a message on the Arthritis Care website where I started posting under a new name in May. I pm'ed someone earlier this year but do not go back to that website very often -
I got a reply from a man - he had asked for alternatives that others had tried. He said in a reply in September that I have only just seen 😴..,,,,

its been a few months but i wanted drop you a line to say thank you. its been a couple of months now since i started a new diet. I must say my life has really improved, still getting the odd ache and pain but on the whole i feel much much better, I dropped all dairy products, sugar, processed foods. The benefit was almost instant!. I never going to be able to run a marathon but i can now walk a good 3 miles without too much discomfort. Within 3 weeks my inflammation levels have dropped and i'm hoping they will drop even further (touch wood) . Next job is to reduce the drugs!
thanks again "
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