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Date: 22.11.2013
From: shylow

Subject: Newbie.

Hi there, I'm new to the forums, and newly diagnosed with arthritis.

I'm 25 years old, and don't know whats going on. I needed someplace to vent and I found this. Where do I start?

I was in an accident about 10 years ago which damaged my knees, and since then they've never been the same. I would go to the doctors and tell them something was not right, but they would just tell me I'm over using them or it was growing pains, I've not grown since I was 14.
I fought this and fought this till I ran out of fight and just started to deal with the pain, the constant dislocations and fatigue. Then last year, my hands stopped working, I was in a Chinese buffet and I was cutting a piece of stake when a horrific pain went down my hand and my fingers locked into place. It was terrifying and so painful, I thought maybe I just trapped a nerve in two hands simultaneously and didn't think anything else about it, then it started happening more and more.
As an artist I use my hands often and last year just before Christmas I received a commission which would add a good amount of money onto my Christmas shopping savings, so I took it, 6 drawings in two weeks, nothing I was not used to, half way through it my right pinky and ring fingers knuckles swelled up to the size of grapes and I could not move my hand. So I went to the doctors again, brought up my legs and my fingers locking into place, I was then put onto a waiting list to see a specialist in hospital.

A Year later and I have been seen (just last month) and diagnosed with Undifferentiated Inflammatory Arthritis and Sever Hyper Mobile Joint Syndrome. They won't know exactly what type of arthritis I have until a run of medicine and more tests as it affects my joints differently, but I DO have at least 2 different types of arthritis.

The pain and fatigue has hit me, in the words of Miley Cyrus 'like a wrecking ball' in the past 6 months I am finding it difficult to even lift a cup of coffee now. I'm only 25, and an art student and tattoo apprentice. My whole live and everything I have been working towards looks like it may slowly be getting ripped away from me one joint at a time. I can barely get out of bed I'm so stiff, sore and tired.

I try to talk to my boyfriend about it, he tries to reassure me with ''Modern Medicine is always coming up with amazing things to help people, it won't be like this forever'' He doesn't seem to understand, and he is the only person I have to talk to. He just doesn't get the fact this isn't just a little problem that will go away with just some pills.

I'm sorry if this is a long post, I just needed to write this for my own mind.
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Date: 22.11.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Newbie.

hi welcome to the forum , Hyper Mobile Joints tend to stiffen up in your 20s , sounds like that what happened to your hand

the forum is good place to have a rant as most of us have one arthritis or another & the drugs are pretty much the same for all them

in someways your boyfriend is right & they are doing loads of research into arthritis but most friends & family dont understand what its like to go through this every day
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Date: 23.11.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Newbie.

Hi, firstly a big hello and welcome. Sorry to hear you are suffering so much at the moment. Your boyfriend and Colin are right once all your tests are out of the way there are a lot of drugs to help you.
You have to keep knocking on all those doors until you get sorted. Make sure they give you all your appointments and if you feel it is taking too long give them a call.
I wish you luck with the results and chin up.
Take care.
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