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Date: 15.11.2013
From: Juliet Marlow

Subject: Dental treatment

I need some root canal treatment to save an infected tooth but have problems getting mouth open wide enough for the dentist to access the back teeth. Has anyone else received sedation or muscle relaxant treatment that has allowed their dentist to open their mouth more? I really want to save this tooth and it can be as long as dentist can get to it! I'm exercising my jaw to try to get more access, any other tips?
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Date: 15.11.2013
From: Susan

Subject: Re: Dental treatment

My dentist daughter says:
ibuprofen, gel or tablets
jaw exercises contact dentist for advice
tongue depressors and increase the volume of them
massage the tender muscles

Not an uncommon problem.
She says it will be difficult to find a dentist who will offer sedation for a rear tooth treatment.
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