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Date: 05.11.2013
From: helen

Subject: willis--fleas

Hello Willis
Read your post about your dog and cat fleas. My border collie Flo has had fleas this summer. Tried many treatments for her but nowt worked. Try having a look online or I went to the vets where they ordered Seresto collar they treat fleas ticks lice can be worn even in water will last up til 8mths. Prices vary with size. Its worth looking into. Good luck.
Flo is free from fleas and was within a wk
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Date: 06.11.2013
From: willis

Subject: Re: willis--fleas

hi helen
thanks for this. he had a tablet form of something and takes another one in 30 days, the cat i've to take tomorrow as they have to have the weight to see what dosage to give her.
i'll mention this to them
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