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Date: 15.10.2013
From: Ann

Subject: Aching legs ...

Hi all. I have Inflammatory Arthritis (although gp has also called it seronegative RA aswell). I suffer badly with both feet and struggle to walk most days and am very stiff. However, I was just wondering if aching legs is part of this horrible disease aswell. It feels like all the muscles in my legs are heavy and aching with a dragging feeling, especially if Ive been out walking.
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Date: 15.10.2013
From: Emm

Subject: Re: Aching legs ...

Hi Ann I have RA and have leg problems too.
Bad knee, foot and ankle and toe joints but the legs ache badly.
Some nights in bed, I slide them all round, I think this must be what they call 'restless legs' it doesn't half keep me awake!!
Good luck with it all. X
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Date: 15.10.2013
From: Chris

Subject: Re: Aching legs ...

Hello Ann,
My muscles become very tight and strained when my arthritis is flaring. I feel like i can hardly walk up the stairs. Unpack the shopping etc..

There are a few things that i've found can help, in the short term.
Acupunture, Mindfullness (breathing techniques directing attention to the area) and massage.
I also take some medication for fibromyalgic symptoms - Pregabalin. This seems to restore about 50% of my previous strength. However without knowing what other medication you are on, i wouldn't recommend it. If you get the inflammation under control, this will also be relieved in my experience.
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