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Date: 14.10.2013
From: Paul

Subject: New to forum" Hello"

i all hope you are not suffering to much.
I am a 45 year old male from Newcastle.
Diagnosed 4 weeks ago with Sero positive RA,

I had been suffering for approx 5 months before I got the Diagnosis.
Most joints ache on a daily basis,

taken hydroxychloroquine, 15mg of MTX and Folic, along with Pain Killers.

just had 3rd dose of the MTX etc and not been good with these,

I am going to persevere with these but cannot keep; feeing ill each weekend,

any suggestions of what may be next to try>


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Date: 14.10.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: New to forum

Hi Paul
Welcome to the forum , there are several of us on here with RA so you are not alone , myself had RA for 17 years . MTX is the drug they chose now , & 15mg is pretty high to start with but as long as they give you enough folic acid you should be ok , how much they giving you ?, 5mg six days a week should help with the side effects from MTX

the link section above has links to National Rheumatiod Arthritis Society & Arthritis Care & Arthritis Research UK & the first two has free helplines if you need it , they have loads of infromation about the drugs & the new biologics which your doctors may try next
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Date: 14.10.2013
From: paul

Subject: Re: New to forum

Hi Colin Thanks for the welcome.

Hope you are ok and not in to much pain, I am shocked at how quick this has effected me.
I take x1 5mg Folic 2 days before the MTX. going to discuss this with the doc though.
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Date: 15.10.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: New to forum

Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. I have OA different I know but on the pain side the same. I hope you get some good results soon.
Take care and keep your chin up!!!
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Date: 15.10.2013
From: Chris

Subject: Re: New to forum

Hey Paul,
As Colin says 15mg is quite a high starting dose, you must be a big guy?
10mg is the usual starting dose - from my experience.
It takes about 12 weeks to 'kick in' properly. Although (i've just restarted it) i'm noticing effects after 5 doses.

As Colin says, to help with the nausea a lot of patients take Folic acid 6 days a week. Don't take on the day you take the MTx or else it will be ineffectual.

Good luck,
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