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Date: 12.10.2013
From: Chris

Subject: Ted Talks vid: Sleep

Quite an interesting talk i listed to last night when i couldn't sleep!
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Date: 13.10.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Ted Talks vid: Sleep

Chris , thanks so much , was very interesting

BBC last thursday `Trust me I'm a Doctor' had item on sleep as well & those of us with arthritis tend to suffer bad sleep because of it & think that has a lot to do with the mild depression most of us have
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Date: 14.10.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Ted Talks vid: Sleep

Thanks Chris

This was another TED Talk that I came across when on there. It ties in with some of the other stuff I have studied over the years -
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Date: 19.10.2013
From: chris

Subject: Re: Ted Talks vid: Sleep

Thats a very inspiring talk Sean.

Was it you that tried some fecal matter analysis some while ago, it makes me think i might give it a go.

On a side note, it goes to show how 'backward' medicine is compared with all the other sciences. To think that we're smashing particles together at the LHC in france, showing what the universe was like seconds after the big bang, and yet we don't understand how the digestive system works.

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Date: 20.10.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Ted Talks vid: Sleep

Hi Chris - Yes I actually am quite taken with this guys story and attitude - I found quite a few more talks on YouTube by him. There was a junior TED Talk where Larry Smarr says that before this journey he knew more about the surface of Mars than his own body.

They should show this in all schools (I made my kids watch this this morning :) -

Being a bit of skeptic - I did and do worry that he has a financial agenda but when I see other talks he has done I see that he tries not to endorse any one service or product.

He seems to believe that within 5 years companies such as UBiome will be able to explain what microbial gut balance really means to different diseases and be able to diagnose and help treat diseases using this. To think that just 1% of the DNA that we carry around is investigated as the possible "cause" of disease rather than the 99% carried in the cells of the bacteria that support us is incredible - love his attitude to working with his doctors too!

I havent done the sample thing yet - but am sure that it would reveal stuff about my disease (to an expert). I have very weird digestion! Since seeing this sort of stuff in the last year I have a quite different approach to flare ups with my favorite being a radical gut support diet by taking a huge pot of organic Sheeps milk yoghurt with honey, blueberries and omega seeds for breakfast and through lunchtime.

If I had heard about UBiome before seeing his talk then I think I might have signed up for a $79 analysis - to see what species / balance was in my gut. Larry Smarr mentions this "citizen science" project in his talk and I have to say when I saw this I think talk from Jessica Richman that the future is bright -
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