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Date: 26.09.2013
From: lol

Subject: for emm

hi emm i came out in really large blotches like sores they started as little red spots and the doctor told me to stay on the hydroxychloroquine i did for two weeks but they covered my body chest neck i looked a mess had to wear a scarf all the time went back to doc and seen a locum he said stop them right away they are a mess they should have been stopped ages ago. put me on a tablet anti. histamin dont think the spelling is right for that hope you know what i mean. been on it 5 days settled it down. but i am waiting for a knee replacement and they said i need to get my inflammatory arthritis under control having really bad flare ups with it it's really bad in my hands and wrists. dont know what i am going to do i have also tried sulfasalazine was vomiting really bad with that. they are the mild ones. I don't want to try anymore if they are stronger i will be worse off. but they said if it is not treated i will have deformed hands and feet so worried not back at rhummy consultant until dec rhummy nurses have just left me x
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Date: 26.09.2013
From: Emm

Subject: Re: for emm

Oh lol, what a horrible time you are having. I know it 's very scary.

When we are at our worst it always seems so hard to see a professional at short notice. All this waiting makes the stress worse too.
Anti histamine stop allergies. So if you were allergic to the drug that is why he prescribed those. At least they are working.

It is a hard illness to deal with and takes a long time for some of us to get the most tolerable drug for us individually.

I really feel for you as I have just had a rash with some antibiotics I was given, mine lasted 3days and has gone now but I did stop the tablets and did not finish the course.

Try ringing the Rheumatolagist' secretary and ask for a emergency appointment as you are in distress. I have done this before and do usually get pushed in, may take a week or two, but you should get seen.
Nothing much else you can do I think.
But good luck with it and keep us posted.x
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