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Date: 25.09.2013
From: lol

Subject: dmards

hi its lol just wondering does anyone know what happens if you cant take dmards my doctor said he doesn't know what he will do having a really bad reaction been taken off them until my side effects settle down been really ill with last one hydroxychloroquine rhummy doc said he thinks i will have a reaction with them all. really worried what will happen to me if i dont take anything help
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Date: 25.09.2013
From: Emm

Subject: Re: dmards

Hi lol, what were your side effects? I reacted to Leflunamide.
On methatrexate now but hate taking them as they make my chest probs worse.
Maybe you will be tried on biologicals after trying a few DMARDS.
I can't have them as they would make me get even more chest infections.
But people who can tolerate them get great results.

Don't give up all takes time to find each individual something that works for them.

Good luck. We all understand how scary it all can be. But don't give up yet.

Hugs for you. X
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