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Date: 17.09.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: should be good news soon

Should be cured of my Rheumatoid within a week , even though I am feeling like crap I know it will be better soon

first the bad stuff , woke up shaking with a fever & thinking I remember this from before , I dropped something on my leg in our garden a few days before & caused a graze on my leg about 3cm diameter but over a week its gone pretty deep so bit worried its going to ulcerate , but with the fever comes a nice big hot shinning leg & from last year know its cellulitis .

Any way see GP who wondering if I should go for a holiday in our local hospital , decides instead to do some body painting on my leg around the red sections to see if its getting worse but instead gives me some antibiotics / penicillin , & after finding out the RA is caused be a virus think that next week I will be cured of my 18 years of suffering , did not happen last time but still got to be positive
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