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Date: 17.09.2013
From: lol

Subject: hydroxychloroquine side effects

hi it's lol has anyone had these side effects i started with red blotches two weeks ago went to my doc and he said it was the hydroxychloroquine and keep taking it. The blotches are really bad they are like big sores but are not they cover my chest and neck they look terrible have to wear a scarf. phoned rhummy nurse she said stop them i stopped them yesterday. i have to cancel going to a wedding on sat as i cant wear anything they just are everywhere. any help
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Date: 18.09.2013
From: Chris

Subject: Re: hydroxychloroquine side effects

I've not used any makeup to camouflage my psoriasis, but a quick google of 'skin camouflage' yields alot of products, some of them available on the NHS.

This is from the NHS webby:

And here's a random product from the internet that i cannot recommend (because i havn't used it).

Perhaps the best people to ask would be a pharmacist with some specialist knowledge. Or even better (just recalled a poster in the dermatology waiting room) these guys:

There's a helpline number on the frontpage 07851 073795.

I do really feel for you, it's a massive shock when it appears so rapidly. Hopefully it is 'just' a side effect and will disappear, once the drug leaves your system. This web page indicates that this could well be the case.

Good luck,
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