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Date: 12.09.2013
From: Robin

Subject: Psoriatic Arthritis

Hi all
Have had Psoritic Arthritis since my late those years ago! and deal with flare ups and periods of relativly settled though still painful. For the last 9 months however Ive had an ache right across my buttocks which makes sitting, walking and standing uncomfortable. I had an MRI on the base of the spine and they feel that there was nothing "grossly apparent" on the scan. Was wondering if anyone had ever experienced this as Im aware that PA can going for the sacrolliliac joints but would have thought it would show up....any thoughts appreciated. Due at Rheumotology next month.


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Date: 12.09.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis

Robin - I had undiagnosed non-specific arthritis from about age 18 - now age 47.

This developed to be Ankylosing Spondylitis - impacting my back, hips and rib cage.

The pain that I hate the most is the sacro / lower back / hips (my personal story is posted on the other link above). I haven't had a bad flare for about 18 months now - went for some xrays at the time nothing showed except spurs on rib cage / back.

The pain I had was like a stickiness in the tendons where my upper leg joined my buuutocks like a hot sore glue - with hip stabbing pains.

I think PSa and AS have some similarities.

I hope you can find some relief soon!
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