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Date: 28.08.2013
From: robert

Subject: osteo arthritis and walking

I have had osteo in my knee for 4 years now and for exercise I do a lot of walking as I cant go swimming as the water reacts with my eyes anyway lately my pain is getting really worse should I stop the exercise and see a doc or will it get better I have had flare up but never as bad as these
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Date: 28.08.2013
From: Carol

Subject: Re: osteo arthritis and walking

Hi Robert I have had osteo in both knees for many years. I am now 65 years of age. Whilst exercise is good I think you should see a doctor, have xray and maybe a referral to the hospital. Just over a year ago I could walk a lot with minimum pain but now over the months the pain has got worse and I am now waiting for a washout. The hospital would not give me a steroid injection. I am telling you
so that you can get help now. I left it too long and can no longer go out much due to pain. Good luck hope you get some help soon. Carol
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