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Date: 23.08.2013
From: lol

Subject: how does hydroxychloroquine help with symptoms

does anyone know how hydroxchloroquine help with the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis does it stop the pain. also how long does it take to work one doc told me about 6wks another told me 4mths
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Date: 24.08.2013
From: Heather

Subject: Re: how does hydroxychloroquine help with symptoms

Hi lol. I have RA sero-. I started on hydroxychloraquine about 6 years ago. It took about 3-4 months before I started to feel relief. It worked well for me, up until about 9 months ago. Now I'm being changed to anit-tnf's.
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Date: 26.08.2013
From: Denise

Subject: Re: how does hydroxychloroquine help with symptoms

I was on hydroxychloroquine for a couple of months after finally getting a diagnoses of RA. I think the drug itself was probably working quite well but I had a nasty reaction, skin on my hands peeled and what I thought at the time was Spanish belly cos we were on holiday, but when we returned from hols my bloods showed that one element of my liver blood test was significantly high. This settled back to normal after a couple of months once I came off the drugs. So just be aware and get your bloods checked on a regular basis.
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