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Date: 30.06.2013
From: Kim

Subject: Hip Replacement - how long to wait

I am new to the forum, am 51 and have suffered with arthritis for 5 yrs in my left hip. Been waiting on NHS since Jan for a replacement. No idea when it will happen. Fee I am in limbo, have not planned holiday, as this has to be a priority, I cannot go thought another winter with this amount of pain and discomfort. Just wanted to know average waiting time in London, need to see light at the end of this tunnel, for some reason in agony last week
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Date: 26.08.2013
From: Liz

Subject: Re: Hip Replacement - how long to wait

Hi Kim, I am having a hip replacement on the 13th November 2013 after seeing a consultant on the 2nd June 2013 and then having a injection under GA and guided by xray in my hip, which alleviated the pain for a short while and it has now been decided that a total hip replacement was necessary when I saw him on the 21st August. My surgery is NHS funded at a private hospital and is in the Essex area, so really I haven't had to wait long although I have suffered pain for 2 years and haven't found physiotherapy at all helpful.
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