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Date: 10.04.2013
From: Dave

Subject: Bleep Test with Arthritis


I've been a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer for several years and have it under control with medication etc.

Unfortunately my employer is introducing a bleep test (shuttle run fitness test) as a condition of employment, which requires running between two set distanecs so your constantly changing direction.

I've tried to search the internet to see if this strain will do harm to my ankle joints, some sites state running is good for you but others state it's hard on your joints, I guess I need to speak to my GP.

But I just wondered if any one on this site had any experiance with this type of exercise?

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Date: 10.04.2013
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Bleep Test with Arthritis

You should have a look at the Disability Act but I think employers are not allowed to discriminate against you if you are unable to take this test. I would get some advice from somewhere like CAB.
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Date: 10.04.2013
From: rhona

Subject: Re: Bleep Test with Arthritis

Hi Dave,

I have R/A and i know that i can't run and haven't been able to run for years as i have problems with my ankles. Perhaps some people with R/A can. I don't know that your boss should be allowed to do that and i would do as bsk suggests and seek some advise.
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Date: 11.04.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Bleep Test with Arthritis

What sort of job do you do that needs you to run??? If your company know all about your medical issues they would be insane to make you do this. Take care.
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