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Date: 10.03.2013
From: kirst

Subject: help

I have not been on here for quite a while as I've been in some kind of remission.
I was seen by my new consultant the other day (instead of the locum) and he has said that I have polyarthritis! I am unsure exactly what that is? I was 23 when I started having major problems and my old rummy thought it was rheumatoid. I've been told I should start sulphasaline but im reluctant to whilst my symptoms are at a minimum at the moment.
I am 26 now and anything I find about polyarthritis brings up juvenile arthritis.

Can anyone tell me what its meant to be????
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Date: 10.03.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: help

hi kirst

the link section above has National Rheumatiod Arthritis Socity & Arthritis Care website & both got free help line

polyarthritis is any type of arthritis which involves 5 or more joints simultaneously. It is usually associated with autoimmune conditions. the drugs for all autoimmune arthritis are the same , sulphasaline is one of them & been on it a long time , since 1996 & never had any problems with it

call the helplines & hope you feel better soon
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Date: 11.03.2013
From: Heather

Subject: Re: help

Kirst, I had Polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis from 8-14 years and then I started to get familiar pains when I was 27. I was eventually diagnosed with RA (sero negative) about 18 months later, at which point they started me on sulphasalsine, but I couldn't get on with it and 8 weeks later was put on hydroxychloraquine. Been on that ever since (now 35), but they're considering methotrexate now due to recent flare ups.
The research I've read indicates that early aggressive intervention is the key to getting the best long-term results and prognosis.
I'd definitely recommend calling the helplines but also having an honest, open discussion with t=your rheumy is important too.
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