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Date: 24.02.2013
From: Keith Sanford

Subject: Alternative Suggestions Please?

I've suffered from PA for >20yrs and last year, having managed the condition with 100mg Diclofenac, twice daily, 150mg Ranitidine, twice daily and 40mg MST, twice daily, I developed a prolapsed disc, which my Doctor treated by upping my meds by adding 300mg Tramadol/day. This resulted in me developing two areas of cranial inflammation, (I became acutely phono/photo-phobic and experienced migrainous headaches, so I was weaned off ALL meds over a period of two weeks.

Subsequently, I am slowly having Tramadol re-introduced and I find myself once again taking between 100mg-200mg/daily, with the fear that in the fullness of time, I'll be right back where I started?

Please, can anyone suggest any form of treatment as an alternative, because I can't go through that apocalyptic nightmare again!!
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Date: 24.02.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Alternative Suggestions Please?

Hi Keith, I can understand where you are coming from. I had surgery on my prolapsed disc but unfortunately I still have a lot of pain due to the OA in the spine. They can only do so much.
I take Tramadol and I do find it can make you headachey. I have never suffered more than that. I hope you do not experience the same thing again.
Maybe if you can't control your pain fully you may consider surgery?

Have you tried the Hydro Pool to free off stiff muscles. You will need to be referred. I have massages that do help for a short period, sometimes a day sometimes a week, it does vary. I use a hot water bottle when I am sitting down in the evenings.Try not to lift and you should only walk as far as it is comfortable.
It is a hard thing to deal with as the constant pain gets you down.
Keep your chin up and I hope this helps a little.
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Date: 24.02.2013
From: rhona

Subject: Re: Alternative Suggestions Please?

Hi Keith,

Have you never had any of the disease modifying drugs like methetrexate? There is also the biologic drugs now that can make a lot of difference to the inflammatory conditions.

Are you due to see your rheumatologist to discuss some other form of treatment soon? if not i think you should speak to the hospital and see if they can give you something else for your condition.

Good luck.
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Date: 24.02.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Alternative Suggestions Please?

hi Keith , agree with rhona & ask to go on disease modifying drugs like methetrexate , got RA myself but drugs are similar
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Date: 03.03.2013
From: lyuzita

Subject: Re: Alternative Suggestions Please?

I can hepl tray my method
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